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Sleep, Food, Exercise!

It’s clear that succeeding in anything worthwhile involves a ton of work—like, a huge amount of thinking, research, and practice.

And these things consume a lot of energy!

Before I can even try to achieve anything, I’ve realized I need to take care of my energy and prioritize three things: sleep, food, and exercise. It’s kind of surprising how often I overlook these basics.

If my car’s low on gas, my first thought is to find a gas station. If the engine needs oil, I don't drive it until I topped it up. Who wants to damage their car? Somehow, I don’t always apply this same logic to my body and mind.

So, to achieve anything significant, I have to address these basic needs. Getting good sleep, eating well, staying hydrated, and being active needs to be a habit.

Sometimes, I pause and ask myself: Are these fundamental needs met? If not, then I know I need to focus on them before anything else.

Some recommendations on habits