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Sleep, Food, Exercise!

Success in anything valuable requires a lot of work. Huge amount of thinking, research, and practice.

These things consume energy!

There are three essential sources of energy that I need to prioritize before even considering achieving anything. I should only start working on something if these three needs are met: Sleep, Food, and Exercise. It's surprising how often I overlook these basics.

If your car is low on gas, your immediate priority is to find a gas station. If the engine lacks oil, you wouldn't drive until you add oil. You wouldn't want to cause damage to the car. It's crazy how we fail to apply this logic to our bodies and minds.

To achieve anything significant in life, addressing these basic needs is a must. Get good sleep, eat well, stay hydrated, and be active. This should become a habitual practice.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself: Are these fundamental needs met? If the answer is no, then prioritizing and addressing them should be your immediate focus before anything else.

Some recommendations on habits